The National Football League (NFL) is back in full swing, and Week 2 promises to be just as exciting as the first. For those interested in placing bets on their favorite teams or players, here are some of the best wagers you might want to consider for each team.

Starting with the AFC East, if you’re a Buffalo Bills fan 🏈 , Josh Allen’s performance last week was impressive. It would be worthwhile betting on him scoring another touchdown this week. As for Miami Dolphins’ supporters, keep an eye out for Myles Gaskin; he could surprise us all by being the top rusher.

Over at AFC North, Baltimore Ravens fans should place their faith – and money – on Lamar Jackson’s passing yards. The Cincinnati Bengals bettors may want to put their money on Joe Burrow throwing at least two touchdowns based on his recent form.

In AFC South territory, Derrick Henry from Tennessee Titans has been performing consistently well recently; wagering that he’ll score a touchdown seems like a safe bet. Houston Texans followers can look forward to Deshaun Watson potentially racking up considerable passing yards this weekend.

For those backing Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West division: Patrick Mahomes rarely disappoints when it comes down to throwing touchdowns – so why not stake your claim there? Las Vegas Raiders enthusiasts might find value betting Derek Carr will throw multiple TD passes again this week.

Moving onto NFC East now: Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott has had some strong games lately – betting he’ll continue his streak of rushing touchdowns isn’t too far-fetched! New York Giants backers can hope Daniel Jones throws more than one touchdown pass against Washington Football Team.

In NFC North Division action: Green Bay Packers fans have Aaron Rodgers who never fails them when it comes down to making successful passes – make sure your wallet benefits from his skillset too! Detroit Lions faithfuls should consider putting cash behind D’Andre Swift’s rushing yards.

NFC South presents some interesting options: New Orleans Saints fans should consider betting on Alvin Kamara to score a touchdown, while Carolina Panthers followers can wager on Sam Darnold throwing for over 200 yards based on his recent performance.

Finally, in NFC West division: San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo could be the man of the hour with multiple TD passes. Seattle Seahawks supporters might want to bet Russell Wilson will throw at least two touchdowns against Tennessee Titans.

Remember, these are just suggestions and anything can happen in football! Make sure you’re enjoying the game first and foremost – happy betting!