When his playing days are done, Tom Brady will join the FOX commentary team. However, veteran NBC analyst Peter King has recommended the GOAT to begin studying the sports broadcaster’s playbook immediately.

King had a lot to say about TB12’s impending transfer from the field to the booth on NBC’s Pro Football Talk.

“It just got me to thinking, okay, like we never really thought of Brady, as a guy who was going to do broadcasting, at least I never did. Okay, so now he’s going to do broadcasting, what path should he take there? Tom Brady owes it to his future to take three hours every week this year. And watch as many broadcast crews as he can.”

His plans beyond the upcoming season are unknown, thus there is no set date for him to begin his new role. But King wasn’t done, as he offered the following insight into the industry’s current doubts.

“The one thing I’ve heard people say, oh, geez, he’s boring. He’s never going to be good on TV. I think Tom Brady is going to be good on TV. Will he be great? I don’t know.”

“But Tom Brady needs, in my opinion, to really, he shouldn’t retire and then say, okay, I’m gonna start studying these guys. He’s got to start thinking about it now.”

When the Brady purchase was announced, there was a sense of surprise, owing to the magnitude of the funds involved. TB12’s contract exceeds ESPN’s $17 million/year offer to Troy Aikman to pull him away from Fox, and all for a guy with no broadcasting experience.

As King referred to, one common critique of the Bucs QB is that he is dull and should never have received such a historic contract, especially given that no one knows if he will be any good in the role.

FOX, for their part, believes they may have undervalued him and that they have gotten a good bargain. Brady has also had a large number of supporters. NBA legend-turned-sportscaster Shaquille O’Neill leapt to the defense of TB12 and had the following to say about critics of the deal:

“He’s not paving the way because everybody can’t and ain’t gonna get this money. Seven Super Bowls, clean cut, good looking, speaks well, he deserves all the money. Whoever says he doesn’t deserve the money, shut your face. Shut your damn face! I’m happy for him.”