In a surprising turn of events, Robert Saleh, the coach of the New York Jets, has expressed his belief that Aaron Rodgers might have suffered an Achilles injury. The news came in after the Jets’ exhilarating victory and certainly cast a pall over their triumph.

The mood was somber as Coach Saleh addressed reporters post-game. “Aaron is one of our strongest players,” he said solemnly. “We’re all hoping for him to be okay 🙏.”

Rodgers had been performing exceptionally well throughout most of the game before suddenly pulling up with what seemed like severe discomfort during the final quarter. He limped off to receive medical attention immediately.

Saleh further added that while they were still waiting on official confirmation from team doctors about Rodgers’s condition, it did not look good initially. An Achilles injury is often serious and can put players out for extended periods depending on its severity.

“It looked like an Achilles problem,” Saleh stated grimly when asked about Rodgers’s sudden exit from play. “But we won’t know anything concrete until we hear back from our medical staff.”

The loss or potential loss of such a key player would undoubtedly impact any team heavily – both physically and psychologically – especially coming hot off such an electrifying win against formidable opponents.

Despite this setback, however, there seems to be no lack of determination within Team Jets’ ranks if their coach’s words are anything to go by: “These things happen in sports; injuries are part and parcel of playing at this level,” acknowledged Saleh matter-of-factly.

“But it doesn’t mean we’ll just roll over and give up without fighting every step along the way.” His voice held nothing but resolve as he continued addressing media personnel present at that moment.

It remains unclear how long exactly Rogers will be sidelined should his suspected diagnosis prove accurate – although typically recovery times vary between 6 months to a year depending upon individual circumstances surrounding each case.

The Jets’ team spirit and resilience will undoubtedly be put to the test in upcoming games without Rodgers. However, with a coach like Saleh at helm – who’s known for his tactical acumen as well as ability to motivate players under challenging situations – they are expected not only survive but thrive despite this setback.

Aaron Rodgers has been an integral part of the New York Jets throughout his career. His absence would certainly leave a gaping hole within their lineup that others would need to step up and fill until he is fit again.

Fans all over have begun sending messages of support for both Rogers and Team Jets on various social media platforms, reflecting how much love & respect there exists out there for these sporting heroes battling adversities head-on every day just so we can enjoy watching them play our favorite game week after week.

For now though, everyone awaits further news about Aaron Rodgers’s injury status while hoping against hope that it turns out less severe than initially suspected by Coach Robert Saleh.